Maria do Resgate Almadanim was born on timeless Alentejo landscape, out of her time. Designer and ladscape artist, both gifts came together in her jewlery, which emerges from the living landscape, only to live a second life next to human beauty. Maria do Resgate studied in IADE, AR.CO and was disciple of jewelry artist Dorothea Steingraber.This pieces,besides being a journey on the origin of things, seeks to return to the meaning of the word jewel ( from french joie ) - Joy!

Rodrigo Sobral da Cunha

(Aesthetics and Philosophy of Arts Prof. at IADE )  

The pieces I manufacture are nothing but several exercises on the attention over landscape of a pre-defined territory, a permanent reflection about the love affair between the human nature and the landscape we inhabit, that nature being not at all different of the nature itself.

Resgate Almadanim


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