Revisiting Landscape and Decorative Arts Making Ethical Objects for Personal Adornment

Revisiting Landscape and Decorative Arts

Respecting those who anonymously, during secular and austere everyday labours sublimated, interpreting, representing and producing beauty that embellished their loved ones, altars or artifacts, unconscious or consciously, architecting the landscape of which they were or in some fortunate cases still are part of.

Making Ethical Object

The selection of forms and materials is due, first of all, to personal taste  and criteria from those available in my surroundings.

The objects do not intend to impress by the quantity or quality of material used, precious or not, but rather the quest in searching and registration of materials, shapes and technics available, being ethically selected as well as their application in new aproaches, with no damage for the environment, plants, animals or human beings.

For Personal Adornment

Although it is expected, with this pieces for personal adornments, a positive reminder about the conservation of cultural, social and religious traditions belonging to a pre-determined territory,it is above all intended to testify that new aproches and activities  within the existing values are possible,encouraging in those who are part of that landscape and not at all indifferent to it, new solutions and good practices with future sustainability.

Resgate Almadanim

( Além Tejo,MMXV )


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